COLBOR CL60M is a COB lamp with a fixed color temperature of 5600K, with a remote control module. The color corresponding to daylight and the support of PowerCube and Matrix Control functions, allow you to create an amazing light matrix of 650W. With 7 built-in light offerings, you can further add variety to a scene in a movie, make photos dynamic and create amazing effects in live broadcasts.

65W COB LED Light

The 65W COB LEDs, provide light with a maximum consumption of 80W. This translates into a power output of 2600 lux at a distance of 1 meter or a power output of 46066 lux with the canopy attached.

Compact Dimensions and Aluminum Construction

Constructed of aluminum, the CL60 portable COB LED light weighs only 550g and has a lens size of 24-70mm, making it easy to stow in a backpack or attached bag.

PowerCube for Mega Power

The COLBOR PowerCube system allows you to connect multiple CL60M lights together, into a powerful lighting matrix. By setting them all facing one way, you can get a mega-power of 650W, turning a small, portable lamp into a high-powered light panel.

High Color Reproduction

For better color reproduction, the lamp shines light with a CRI rating of 97+. This makes the colors beautiful and authentic. This works with the Daylight Simulation System, which effectively prevents graying or discoloration of illuminated objects.

Mono 5600K

The CL60M features a balanced 5600k daylight source that fits very well into various lighting scenes.

Quiet Cooling System

The Hummingbird-Intelligence Cooling System maintains the proper lamp diode temperature during prolonged filming. When the quiet mode is activated, it operates at a volume level of less than 20dB. This allows you to use the lamp even during very quiet scenes.

Universal Bowens Mount Adapter

Despite its small size, the design is equipped with a standardized light modifier mount – Bowens. This allows you to quickly and efficiently change the characteristics of the light you receive, with a single modifier that you may even already have at your place.

Ready to Work in the Field

The CL60M lamp is one of the first on the market to be powered by a USB-C port. This allows it to support power from portable power solutions, such as V-Mount and NP-F batteries (requires an adapter), and powerbanks with PowerDelivery 3.0 with a minimum output of 80W (20V 4A).

Collaboration with COLBOR Studio™

Changes to lamp parameters can be made remotely and instantly using the COLBOR Studio™ app. In addition, COLBOR Studio is developing an intelligent OTA function that enables continuous evolution and updating of the lamp, bringing more capabilities and professional experiences to the user.

7 Built-in Lighting Effects

Create realistic light with 7 built-in lighting effects. Be expressive and entertaining in your creations. Show passion in your videos.

Matrix Control System

With the integration of the Matrix Control System, each CL60M lamp can act as a controller for another unit. This is important when creating a PowerCube matrix or when lamps are used together as Light Neural Networks (called LNNs). The control system allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature for 7 units in parallel from a single control panel.


  • CRI: 97+
  • Color Temperature: 5600K (±200K)
  • Light Incidence Angle: 120°, with Reflector 15°
  • COB Power: > 60W
  • Power Consumption: 80W (Max)
  • Operating Voltage: DC 20V 4A
  • Brightness: 3243 Lux (przy 1m 5600K, Bez Czaszy); 22540 Lux (przy 1m 5600K, z Czaszą)
  • Cooling System: Intelligent/Silent
  • Power Port: USB-C, supporting PD3.0 20V 4A
  • Lamp Construction: Aluminum + ABS
  • Lamp Dimensions (mm): 140*80*90 (Not including the bracket/mounting base)
  • Weight of Lamp: 550g, Holder: 160g
  • Operating Environment Temperature: -10~50°C