The new generation of COLBOR CL100 LED lamps offers unprecedented capabilities and mobility. The compact CL100X with variable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K with a high CRI of 97+. Based on a proven design, the CL100 series allows multiple lamps to be connected together, thus creating a light matrix up to a total power of 1100 W. Such a wall of light can be fully integrated, making it controllable from a single unit or wirelessly via the Colbor Studio mobile app.

110W Powerful COB Video Light

A built-in 110W COB LED powers the COLBOR CL100X at a maximum power consumption of 120W, giving an extremely consistent output of 25070 lux at a distance of 1m with the canopy attached.

Sophisticated design for high portability

The size of the lamp has been minimized by excellent structural engineering. The unit weighs just 800g thanks to its durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, with additions made of ABS plastic. The lamp is easy to store in its original packaging or the included carrying bag.

PowerCube for Mega Power

The COLBOR PowerCube system allows you to connect multiple CL100X lamps together, into a powerful lighting matrix. By placing them all facing one way, you can get a mega-power of 1100W, turning a small, portable lamp into a high-powered light panel.

CRI 97+

COLBOR CL100X, like all lamps in the CL100 series, has a CRI of 97+. This is of great importance for showing the original color of photographed objects. An additional Daylight Simulation System helps prevent uncontrollable graying of objects. To keep up with daylight, the lamp has a variable output color from 2700K to 6500K. All these features make it a perfect match for all kinds of lighting scenes.

Quiet cooling system

The Hummingbird-Intelligence Cooling System takes care of the proper temperature of the device’s case. When the Quiet Mode is activated, the volume level will be less than 20dB. It will be easy to position the lamp near the camera.

Universal Bowens Mount Adapter

Despite its small size, the design is equipped with a standardized light modifier mount – Bowens. This allows you to quickly and efficiently change the characteristics of the light you receive, with a single modifier that you may even already have at your place.

10 Built-in Light Effects

Fire, CCT Chase, Pulsing, Television, Explosion, Broken Bulb, Welding, Lightning, SOS, Strobe. Users can create their own effect modifications by adjusting their frequency and brightness, expanding the list to 46 achievable themes. Be creative and create the right atmosphere with the built-in effects.

Matrix Control System

With the integration of the Matrix Control System, each CL100 lamp can act as a controller for another unit. This is important when creating a PowerCube matrix or when lamps are used together as Light Neural Networks (called LNNs). The control system allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature for 10 units in parallel from a single control panel.

Collaboration with COLBOR Studio™

Changes to lamp parameters can be made remotely and instantly using the COLBOR Studio™ application. In addition, COLBOR Studio is developing an intelligent OTA function that allows the lamp to continuously evolve and update, bringing more options and professional experiences to the user.


  • CRI: 97+
  • Color Temperature Range: 2700K-6500K(±200)
  • Light Incidence Angle: 120°, with Reflector 15°
  • COB Power: > 100W
  • Power Consumption: 120W (Max)
  • Operating Voltage: DC 20V 4A
  • Cooling System: Intelligent/Silent
  • Power Port: USB-C, supporting PD3.0 20V 4A
  • Lamp Construction: Aluminum + ABS
  • Lamp Dimensions (mm): 152*80*90 (Not including the bracket/mounting base)
  • Weight of Lamp: 800g, Holder: 160g
  • Operating Environment Temperature: -10~50°C